Did a greedy capitalist steal that page?

I hope that New Internationalist readers will never see 404 Page Not Found.

Countless articles have helped to explain the value of a custom designed 404 page over a server generated warning. While they are often not the most interesting or creatively challenging, a clearly designed 404 page can help enormously when a reader finds themselves typing a bad URL or following a dead or incorrect link.

Certain elements are essential to an effective, custom 404. The Green Goblin Jakob Nielsen wrote about them in 1998, as did Ian Lloyd on A List Apart in 2004.

That doesn't mean of course that you can't have a little fun and lighten the mood when things go wrong.

I have attempted to bring all of this together for the New Internationalist 404 page.

404 (View in your browser)

Although I'm sure that New Internationalist editors will change the copy before my redesign is launched, for now I'm running with;

Oops! Sorry that you ended up here — 404

We are very sorry, but what you were looking for is not here.
Maybe you clicked a bad link somewhere, or perhaps that page has been stolen by a greedy capitalist.

Funny you should say that

Writing this entry gave me an idea. How about you, New Internationalist readers or interested web geeks, write the 404 copy? You can be as weird, funny, stinging or sarcastic as you like.

I can't promise that your copy will make it to the redesigned site, but if it does, I'm sure that my friends at New Internationalist can sort you out with a little something to sweeten the deal.


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