Easter egg hunt: Seven secrets of the world wide web

I’m not sure how I forgot to link to this last week, but our phone rang and I spoke to BBC technology reporter Dave Lee about Easter Eggs. Not the chocolate kind, but the much less tasty and much less interesting hidden delights in websites.

We talked for a few minutes about how we’ve often hidden things in designs and code, everything from my oft-used ihatetimvandamme class to when, years ago, we slipped a shooting game into a client’s Flash header. Somehow that got turned into “users could shoot a beloved mascot on a local council's website” which is not exactly what I said, but oh well, journalism.

Still, one of my quotes made it to the article:

An Easter egg is “something unexpected that makes you smile”

Even if the point I was really making didn’t.

Responsive design’s given us so many more opportunities to make people smile by being creative and making our designs look beautiful across devices. In-fact, when you think about things like that, the whole web is now one giant Easter egg.


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