Embracing the Exciting Future of Grid Layout on Boagworld

This week, I’m back on the Boagworld podcast to talk about the ‘Exciting Future of Grid Layout’ and the design possibilities supported by CSS Grid. I enjoyed recording it with Paul and Marcus enormously and I think that it’s one of the best shows I’ve recorded in a while.

In typical fashion, I get very excited about the creative possibilities of CSS Grid. I even try to explain a little about how it works, not exactly the easiest thing to do on an audio podcast as you can tell from the transcript:

So think about that for a second. You've got, dot, dot, dot, dot in the first row. Dot, dot, dot, dot for the second row and for the third row. That's your grid basically. That's your wireframe, your skeleton. Your kind of ASCII Tetris outline, right? Then here's the brilliant thing. What you do is, you use grid template areas and then for each row, wait for this, you use dots. And you separate the dots with a period…Sorry, with a space, right?

Of course, this being me, Paul, and Marcus, we didn't only talk about CSS Grid. We also discussed why Australia’s better than the UK and the Australian tradition of the ‘sausage sizzle.’

But what happens is, is that you get your sausage, but what do you do next? Do you stand in the 35 degree heat, sweating your nuts off while you eat your sausage? Or do you take it back to the car? Trouble is, the car is a 170 degrees. So what is it that you do? Do you, and here's the thing, do you risk turning the air conditioning and the ignition on while the car cools down, and then going and getting your sausage sizzle and taking it back to the car? Or do you… Anyway, it’s all very complicated. And there are whole T.V. shows in Australia devoted to strategies for the sausage sizzle. I made that bit up actually.

It’s a fun episode of Boagworld and I think you’ll enjoy listening.


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