Every talk audio and video that I could find, now on my new YouTube channel

Speaking at conferences has been one of the best things that I’ve done over the past decade plus some. Not just the standing on stage doing the talking part, and the traveling to fabulous places (and Scarborough) part, but the coming up with stories to tell and lessons to teach part too.

Me, I’ve always treated talks like a performance, putting on a show. I like working on narratives, planning when to put the jokes, and designing visuals. Sometimes people have recorded audio or video of my talks and because I’m vain, I kept them. It seemed a shame to let all these recordings gather dust, so I’ve uploaded them to what the yooves calls my EweYouTube channel. Here are a few of my favourite talks:

And, if you want to see some real nostalgia, Transcending CSS: The Fine Art Of Web Design at @media in London way, way back in 2006. (Apologies for the low resolution video on that last one.)

I’ve updated my speaking page to include links to those videos, links to any audio recordings on Mixstep, and links to slides on Speakerdeck. Finally putting all my talks in one place on this new website feels good.


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