Hardboiling it (the example files)

A large part of writing a book about website design, markup and CSS is designing and producing the example files that accompany the book. For Hardboiled Web Design, this meant several months of designing, coding, redesigning, recoding and testing.

I started sketching ideas for the example files last November while coming up with the book’s table of contents. Each of the examples illustrates a topic in the book, everything from CSS3 columns, media queries and flexible images on the home page to 3d transforms on the store page.

To give you a taste of what’s included, here’s a short video.

When Hardboiled Web Design goes on sale on the 19th October, those who buy the book will find a password (in the first few pages) to get access to all the examples. If you’ve not made up your mind to buy the book just yet, don’t worry, you can still get all the examples by leaving me your name and email address. Fair exchange is no robbery.

Before I sign off, I want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has tested these example files during the book’s production and especially to Geri Coady who gave up her time to draw the amazing Hanna Barbera style illustrations used on several of the pages.


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