I’ll save £269 on an iPad mini (by not buying one)

A 64Gb first generation iPad sits by my desk. I bought it on the first day they were available in the US and, like many people I suppose, using it has changed what and how I design.

I didn’t see a need to upgrade to an iPad 2 a year later and although I’d expected to buy the new iPad (3) in March, I decided afterwards that I wouldn’t get enough professional or personal use to warrant one even as a business expense.

I don’t test retina images all that often, so I figured I could drive to a nearby Apple Store when I need to do that. So I take my laptop and a (decaf skinny) latte (thanks for asking) and use Apple’s wifi and the nearest retina iPad. So far I’ve spent far less on petrol, parking and lattes than I would’ve done on the new iPad.

I’ve been waiting for the iPad mini Apple announced today and for as long as it’s been rumoured, I planned to buy one. As I tweeted tonight, “In comes Phil, out comes my credit card.” But as Phil described the iPad mini I realised that because the screen’s resolution is the same 1024x768 as the first generation iPad I already own, as far as testing goes, there’s no benefit to me owning one.

As with every Apple announcement, during the build up and the event itself, there’s money burning a hole in my pocket, but over the last few years I’ve become a lot more pragmatic about what I spend that money on. I won’t be buying an iPad mini, or an iPad fourth generation. For the time being at least, I’ll stick to iPad device testing at the Apple Store. I’ll save you a seat.

Update: I changed my mind. That’s OK, right?


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