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My new (old) blog roll and RSS

I’m tending and posting to my blog a little more since the recent redesign and as part of that effort, I’ve brought back two very old-fashioned things: A blog roll and an RSS feed.

We all had blog rolls back in the day and I’ve no idea why they went away. I split mine between the UK-based Britpack—with their own Union Flag underpants logo designed by Jon Hicks—and the Johnny Foreigners. For this update I redrew Jon’s pants PNG to make a crisp new SVG. Sue felt that “Johnny Foreigners” might not be appropriate today, so I renamed them to “Favourites.” Most of the Britpack and Johnny Foreigners don’t blog much anymore, so I added a few new people whose writing I enjoy. They include the brilliant Andy Bell, Michelle Barker, and Ahmad Shadeed.

I recently started using RSS again through NetNewswire on the Mac, so I added a new RSS feed for my blog entries.

If RSS is your thing too, and it should be, you can, and should, subscribe to my feed.

Written by Andy Clarke who tagged this with code

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