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ShareOpenly is an easy way to share content to fediverse-friendly socials

Jon posted about his icon design for ShareOpenly, so I decided to add it to my blog too.

ShareOpenly is:

A “very easy way to share content to fediverse-friendly socials (mastodon, threads, cosocial, bluesky and to replace those share buttons of old.”

I’ve now implemented ShareOpenly on the blog which wasn’t exactly difficult as all that’s needed is a hyperlink:{URL}&text={TEXT}

This made it easy to set up in my Statamic blog template:

<a href="{{permalink}}&text={{title}}" title="{{title}}">…</a>

To try and explain in a graphic what ShareOpenly does, I made a new SVG incorporating logos from the services it currently supports.

ShareOpenly icon

Thanks to Ben Werdmuller for creating ShareOpenly and Jon for his icon design. I hope ShareOpenly really catches on.

Written by Andy Clarke who tagged this with development

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