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One Footer in the Grave Episode 4: Wrapped in disappointment

After Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington retired their Boagworld podcast, the pair, Jon Hicks and I decided to record a new show. We’re not just experienced podcast wafflers, we’re all “of a certain age,” so we called the new show One Footer in the Grave.

Unlike the podcasts we’ve made in the past, One Footer in the Grave is four friends, talking about whatever’s on our minds. There’s no set topic. Sometimes, that might be a sensible, serious topic. But, more often than not, we make each other laugh. I hope we make listeners laugh too.

“With one foot in the door of their retirement home for senior web designers, Paul Boag, Andy Clarke, Jon Hicks, and Marcus Lillington get together once a month to distract each other from everyday life and work.”

The show’s funny and frivolous and being best friends, we have a genuinely unique chemistry and hope to entertain you if you work on the web and even if you don’t.

We’ve just released episode four, “Wrapped in disappointment” where I moan about the sad fact that sweet peanuts aren’t what they used to be. We discuss what we add to peanut butter—banana, jam, Marmite, or even mayonnaise—to make deliciously nutty combinations. We talk about electric cycling and why the classic ’70s Chopper would make the perfect electric bike today. Finally, the chaps reveal which celebrity autographs they collected for my challenge last month.

It really sounds like we’re getting comfortable with the new format and if you haven’t listened to One Footer in the Grave yet, this episode might be a great place to start.

Written by Andy Clarke who tagged this with podcast

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