Publishing Hardboiled Web Design

I would like to share some very exciting news about Hardboiled Web Design.

I’m over the moon to announce that my next book, “Hardboiled Web Design”, will be published by Five Simple Steps. I could not be more excited.

Working with New Riders over the last four years has been a dream come true. Without them, their patience and their support, Transcending CSS would never have been written, nor would it have helped my career in the positive ways that it has. I owe them a huge debt of gratitude for everything that they have done for me and I sincerely hope that we will work together in the future.

So why choose a smaller independent?

For a number of reasons.

Hardboiled Web Design will be more than just a CSS book. It will cover so many of the exciting possibilities offered by CSS3 (and HTML5) in ways that I know will be unique and I hope will inspire people to eagerly grab hold of them with both fists.

Design and quality really matters to me. I want everyone who buys the book (in whatever format) to gasp when they see it. So working side-by-side with the team at Five Simple Steps and Mark Boulton Design means that I know that the book’s design will be everything that I imagine it will be.

Being independent, we have the opportunity to control every aspect of design and production from layout and illustration through to printing and packaging. Mark’s Designing For The Web is a perfect example of how being small and focussed can help to create something amazing.

I get to pick the team too. Working with Mark and his team will be a privilege, but for me it only gets better. Tim Van Damme, whose design and technical skills I admire enormously, has agreed to come on board as design and technical reviewer, backed by editor Chris Mills. Simon Collison has kindly agreed to write the introduction, with a foreword by Jeffrey Zeldman.

Only a few years ago I couldn’t have imagined that physical, printed books would be only one of many ways that people like to buy and read technical books. That is why Mark and I have decided to publish Hardboiled Web Design as a beautifully bound reference book and in PDF and ePub formats.

Later in the year, we will also be creating a Hardboiled interactive iPad version of the book complete with built in demos and video tutorials. This ability to publish in innovative new formats and to work with a small, focussed team on creating something that no one has done played a huge part in deciding to publish with Five Simple Steps.

It would be dishonest not to mention that there is also a strong financial motive behind the deal. As someone who runs a small business, this deal allows me to spend more time on making Hardboiled Web Design everything that I want it to be. I hope that will be great news for everybody who buys and enjoys the book.

So now it’s back to writing and designing. The Hardboiled Web Design site is live (with Easter eggs) and you can keep in touch with its progress and see sneak previews by leaving your details on the site or following @itshardboiled on Twitter.


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