Seriously Hardboiled workshop partners

When we created our Hardboiled Web Design workshops, we wanted to work with partners who give our customers something extra. So we can’t be more pleased to have three amazing partners for our workshops in the UK — Microsoft, VPS.NET and Campaign Monitor.

For everyone attending one of our workshops in Birmingham, Edinburgh, London or Manchester:


Microsoft are giving away a copy of the latest version of Expression Web which includes the new SuperPreview. SuperPreview makes testing across all browsers including versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari faster and in one product. You’ll also receive IE6 to IE8 VirtualPC images on a USB stick.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor, the amazing email marketing service we trust our own business to, will load up your account with fifty, that’ls fifty extra dollars worth of credit.


We couldn’t be happier about working with VPS.NET. Their amazing cloud hosting service kept the Hardboiled Web Design site running smoothly, even under the immense strain of launch day.

Everyone attending in Seattle or Boston gets a free copy of the Hardboiled Web Design ebook (ePub, Kindle and ePub) courtesy of Five Simple Steps.

We know that all this makes attending a Hardboiled Web Design workshop even better value. Our first workshop in Birmingham is now only weeks away and tickets are selling out fast. Book your place from only £299.00 + VAT.

The complete 2011 schedule looks like this:

We hope you’ll join us and we can’t wait to see you.


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