Talking about Rock Hammer

People seem to like Rock Hammer, our little “curated project library for Hammer For Mac” We designed Rock Hammer to help us here at Stuff and Nonsense design faster using HTML and CSS and we use it every day to do just that. Talking about Rock Hammer, some news:

Hammer For Mac Template Gallery includes Rock Hammer

As .Net magazine reported last week, Hammer for Mac has been given a significant upgrade. Among its many new features are project starter file ‘template,’ something I’ve been looking forward to for a while.

Last November, when I first reviewed Hammer, one of my ‘cons’ was that the only way to change the set of project starter files was to hack into the app’s Package Contents. That was hardly ideal. Thankfully that’s now a thing of the past. Now you can turn any set of project files into a .hammer template and then easily use them to start a new project. I’ve been using the feature in Beta versions for a while and it works just like you’d expect.

Hammer For Mac templates were partly the reason we designed Rock Hammer, so it was great to see Rock Hammer on Hammer For Mac’s new Template Gallery.

Rock Hammer in .Net Magazine

Brad Frost’s written a monster “Top 25 Responsive Design Tools” article that was printed in the June 2013 issue (241) of .Net Magazine. Rock Hammer’s mentioned alongside some other fabulous tools. But I do want to correct something.

Brad mentions that Rock Hammer includes:

Oops. It does’t.

Rock Hammer doesn’t include any form of grid system and I won’t be adding grids anytime soon. The reason? I’ve never been comfortable using a predesigned grid (It’s why I never used or Blueprint before it.)

These days we’re lucky to have tools like Gridset. Gridset makes designing and implementing bespoke grids easy so there’s really no reason to choose a grid instead of designing one.


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