Turn on Fireworks CS6 auto-save

My beloved Fireworks, now in CS6, encountered an error yesterday and refused to save. My only option was to Force Quit the app and lose half an hour’s work. Hey ho.

Then I found out that auto-save might have helped me, maybe lose less work. Here’s what I did.

If you’re running Lion, the Library folder is hidden. I used Terminal (Hey look at me, proper nerd.) to show it. Paste this into Terminal and hit return.

chflags nohidden ~/Library/

To enable Fireworks’ auto-save, edit its preferences file. You’ll find it in your /Library/Preferences/Adobe Fireworks CS6/en/Fireworks CS6 Preferences folder.

Open Fireworks CS6 Preferences in a text editor and search for TurnOnAutoSave. Look for:


Change False to True

You can also change the time between auto-saves:


I left mine set at the default five minutes.


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