Two events for Geek Mental Help Week 2015

It looks like Geek Mental Help Week 2015 is getting off to a good start with two mental health related events, both happening on Thursday evening.

MCR Geek Mental Help Week

MCR Geek Mental Help Week is being held in Manchester on Thursday from 7pm to 9pm at MadLab in the Northern Quarter. There are four talks:

Speaking of Mike Bell, he’s helping me with pull requests and the website this week too. I’m very grateful for that.

I’d definitely be attending MCR Geek Mental Help Week were it not for MK Geek Night Mental Help Night 2015.

MK Geek Night Mental Help Night 2015

Last year, MK Geek Night Mental Help Night was a massive success and I’m so glad that David and Richard are running it again this year. They’ve asked me to do a short talk that I’ve titled ‘Don Draper’s depersonalisation disorder.’

I don’t want people thinking that I’m making light of the subject by bringing in Don Draper, far from it. I’ll be using Don as a vehicle to talk about depersonalisation, my own public struggles with it and how therapy helped me overcome issues related to it.

Also speaking; Andrew Foster on managing stress and anxiety, James Randall on burn-out, depression and recovery and Christopher Dowson on bullying in the workplace.

Doors open at 7pm with talks starting at 8pm and I hope that I’ll see you there. Tickets are still available.

Add your story

Geek Mental Help Week isn’t just about events, it’s about people telling their stories about how mental health issues have affected them and people who care for them. Last year people shared incredible, honest stories and I‘d love to see that again this year.

Submitting an entry is easy. Write on your own website, on Medium or somewhere similar and add your entry to Geek Mental Help Week website by making a pull request on GitHub. If you’re not familiar with GitHub, no problem, you can send a link to @geekmentalhelp on Twitter, use the #geekmentalhelp hashtag or even email us a link and description and we’ll add your entry for you.

Mental health is an important issue for people who work in our industry and last year Geek Mental Help Week really helped people to share and talk about experiences and how to help each other. Let’s carry that conversation on this week.


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