Unfinished Business 120 ‘Working on your dad bod’ with James Seymour-Lock

In the second part of this Unfinished Business Bank Holiday double, I’m joined by owner of UX studio Simple As Milk and lead UX engineer at UnrollMe, James Seymore-Lock to ask and answer the important question. “Am I the country’s biggest Homes Under The Hammer super-fan?” (Spoiler: He has no clue, not one.)

Then things get more serious as I find out about how James has run his business while living in a different country every month for the past couple of years. We talk about why there’s a distinct lack of design talks at web conferences and whether Dribbble is a negative influence on current design trends.

Something I likelove

This week isn’t just something that I like, I absolutely love it. It’a a brand new book called “Pretty Much Everything” by my absolute favourite graphic designer Aaron Draplin. Aaron’s been on the show before and last time he talked about how much making this book was stressing him out. But by God this book is worth it. It’s not just a great book, it’s an absolute friggin’ masterpiece. Aaron’s poured literally everything into this book. It’s not just about design, it’s his whole career, his life story.

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