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Unfinished Business: Art directing for the web, with David Sleight

I’m currently writing a hardboiled web design book about Art Directing for the Web, so in this season of the Unfinished Business podcast I’m discussing art directing with my guests who are some of the most experienced art directors and designers working on the web today. This week I talk about art direction with ProPublica Design Director, David Sleight.

One fantastic quote from David:

I think that we still approach art direction as like a one-dimensional thing, and on the web it’s also we have the element of time and interaction. So like how do things unfold? How do they reveal themselves? That’s really relevant to a product and that actually should be considered part of directing the experience and directing the art direction as opposed to thinking in terms of static layout.

This season of Unfinished Business is proudly sponsored CoffeeCup Software, and in particular, their new CSS Grid Builder. Download transcript PDF | Direct download

Written by Andy Clarke who tagged this with art-direction, podcast

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