Unfinished Business episode 101: ‘Two old farts looking at their calendars’

We’re back. Back in business. Unfinished Business. Episode 101. For this, the first episode of 2015, I’m joined by two of the best well-known writers about how to implement CSS on a large scale Harry Roberts and Jonathan Snook.

We talk about if the ways we talk about CSS today have made learning it less accessible for beginners. I worry that people are being encouraged to jump straight into Sass without learning the basics of CSS first and ask why people don’t write long books about it anymore?

A new format for 2015

This year, Unfinished Business will be on a bi-weekly schedule, every two weeks, to give me more time prepare better content for each episode. Most episodes will also have two guests. I’ve lined up some fabulous pairings including Dan Mall and Jeffrey Zeldman, Stephen Hay and Trent Walton, Rachel Andrew and Zoe Gillenwater, Andy Budd and Cameron Moll, Brad Frost and Tim Kadlec and Paul Boag and Jon Hicks. These should all be lively discussions and I really hope that listeners will enjoy the new format.

‘CSS For Responsive Web Design’ workshops

On the show I mention my up-coming ‘CSS For Responsive Web Design’ workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth in March. Listeners to Unfinished Business can get $50AUS off the ticket price with the offer code unfinished business. Find out more about the workshop and get yourself a ticket.


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