Web Directions @media is back in London in June

The conference that got it all started for me as a speaker comes back to London on June 10th and 11th for a sixth year, this time with a new face —  Web Directions @media.

If you're not familiar with Australia-based Web Directions, they have organised some of the best conferences in the web world in Sydney, Vancouver and Tokyo and I’ve had the great pleasure of working with them in all three venues. That the Web Directions organisers are taking over, keeping many @media traditions but bringing their own flair to the event can only be great news for the UK web industry.

This year’s conference will run on two tracks, unsurprisingly ‘design’ and ‘development’. Design speakers include Mark Boulton on “Designing grid systems”, Rachel Andrew on “Core CSS3” and (mad-as-a-badger) Relly Annett-Baker on “All the small things”. I will be speaking again too, presenting “Hardboiled web design”,

Hardboiled web design

Hardboiled Web Design is an uncompromising look at how to make the most from modern design tools and browsers, up-to-date techniques and processes. In this practical, design focussed talk, Andy will discuss the ‘how’ as well as the ‘why’ and will challenge your preconceptions to help you make better work for the web.

Andy will demonstrate the most modern, forward-moving and sometimes experimental CSS techniques while emphasising why a forward looking approach to CSS will pay real dividends.

Tickets for Web Directions @media are on sale now, priced from £449 + VAT.

For A Beautiful Web at Web Directions @media

Having hosted sell-out For A Beautiful Web workshops in Australia and Japan, this year’s Web Directions @media will include my “Advanced CSS Styling” full-day CSS workshop on Tuesday 8th June.

Modern web browsers are now better capable of rendering advanced CSS than ever before. From highly targeted CSS selectors to new ways to work with layout, colour and typography, if you are a web designer or developer, working with CSS has never been more exciting.

“Advanced CSS Styling” is a unique one-day master class. Spend the day learning how to use the most up-to-date CSS techniques in your everyday work.

The workshop will also give you a preview of all the work I have making for my next “Hardboiled web design” book.

Tickets for the workshop are on sale now, priced from £299+VAT for conference attendees and £325+VAT without a conference pass.


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