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Design coaching for in-house designers, agencies and freelancers

Whether you design for an agency, work in-house, or you’re freelance, occasionally, you need advice and support, a fresh perspective that can stimulate ideas and unlock solutions to tricky design problems. As a designer with over two decades of experience—running my design business and working with designers worldwide—I can help.

Coaching in-house designers

Does your in-house design team need coaching, mentoring, or support? I’ve helped designers all over the world and can help you, too.

Coaching freelancers

Do you freelance or run a design business? Do you need advice on design and working with clients? I bring 25 years of experience running my studio to help you run yours.

Through his coaching, Andy has helped me improve my design skills significantly by challenging me to step out of my comfort zone. His friendly approach to teaching, experience, and expertise make him the ideal design mentor.

Jerome Kalumbu. Designer.

Coaching in-house designers

Are you part of a team of in-house designers? Do you sometimes struggle with developing fresh approaches for the products or websites you design? Are there times when it’s difficult to convince managers or stakeholders of the benefits of new ideas? I can help.

As someone who’s worked in-house with teams of designers and developers, I can offer advice, guidance, and support. I also provide an outside voice who can help you overcome the challenges that in-house designers frequently face.

Coaching freelancers

Working alone can often feel isolating as frequently, there’s no one to talk with about design except your clients or family. I offer an experienced pair of eyes and a fresh perspective on your designs. I can help you by talking over creative concepts and offer advice on colour, layout, and typography.

If you want to attract new clients, I can help you present your portfolio, share my pitching techniques, and offer advice on contracts and client relationships. Sometimes you need someone to talk to, and as somebody who’s been in your position, I can be that person.

Design lead as a service

Do you need somebody with senior-level design expertise to improve design across your organisation, but you can’t justify a full-time position? As a part-time design lead, I can give you the help you need.

  • Develop design strategy for online and print marketing
  • Maintain brand consistency across channels
  • Help produce compelling content for your website and elsewhere

I can be a cost-effective and flexible alternative to a full-time employee working with you one, two, or four days per month.

Why work with me?

Andy Clarke portrait I’m a digital designer with an innovative approach to digital product and website design. My work blends art direction, branding, and editorial with interaction and user experience design. I have 25 years of experience working with businesses, charities, and governments.

I’ve worked with:

  • Agile organisations and distributed teams
  • CEOs, CTOs, and design, engineering, and marketing teams
  • Businesses, charities, NGOs, start-ups, and tech companies

Working with Andy was a great experience. I particularly liked the way we worked together and it felt like he was part of the team instead of being external. He taught us a lot and has changed the way we design and develop websites.

Luigi Principi. ISO.

How coaching works

My role as a coach is to listen to and discuss your problems, talk about ideas for solving them, and offer feedback. I’ll share my 25 years experience and I provide support for your business, career, and work.

With my coaching program, you won’t need to schedule appointments as we’ll set up a monthly retainer, and you can call me whenever you need help. There’ll be no limits or time tracking, and you can talk to me like any other colleague. Being able to call me on Zoom or message me on Slack any time you need means you’ll always have someone to bounce ideas off.

Get in touch

If design coaching appeals to you, get in touch and we can discuss your needs and budget, then design the best programme for you.

Hire me. I’m available for coaching and to work on design projects.