52 weeks of Inspired Design Decisions

For the past six months, I’ve been designing, writing, and presenting a series of Inspired Design Decisions articles and webinars for Smashing Magazine. These have been brilliantly well received and I’m currently working on more content which will become a book which will be available later on this year. But I wanted a regular project to experiment with new designs.

Last week, my buddy Dan Davies started Print to CSS. During 2020, Dan will publish a new CSS Grid layout inspired by print designs. It’s a fabulous idea and the perfect format for my regular project too.

A weekly series of 52 website designs by Andy Clarke, influenced by the most inspiring art directors and graphic designers of the twentieth century. Learn about the background to each design, the techniques and technologies used to implement it, and how it might inspire more compelling, creative design for the web.

My first design is up today, a layout which uses a simple CSS Grid together with CSS Shapes, and was inspired by art director Otto Storch. Although Storch was an influential member of the New York School of editorial and advertising designers, and was taught by Alexey Brodovitch, there’s been very little published about his work. I’d like to make more web designers familiar with Storch and his work.

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