Complete Madness

I like to think that at Stuff and Nonsense, our house isn’t so much a place to work as it is a house of fun and although we take the work we do very seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously at all. We hope that sense of fun comes across on our site and today we’re putting aside our embarrassment, putting on our baggy trousers and unveiling a new header on our home page.

We hoped we’d make people smile on a grey day with our ‘responsive mods on scooters’ and I think we succeeded. This time we’re going one step beyond. As I’m a huge fan of Madness and I listen to them so much, my girl says that it must be love so we wanted to bring a little of Madness’ spirit to our site.

Who doesn’t feel a tingle down their spine when they hear Chas Smash booming “Hey you, don't watch that, watch this!” at the start of their One Step Beyond album? We wanted to recreate that feeling with our own Los Palmas 7. Six nutty boys, factual and fictional, who have inspired me or otherwise played an important part in my life, and me. Deciding on the 7 nutty boys to include was difficult and so many inspirational people, including Michael Caine, didn’t make it onto the list.

Deciding who to illustrate the nutty boys was easy though and we turned again to the Prince of illustrators, the incredibly talented Josh Cleland. We absolutely love what he’s done for us again.

Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) but I won’t be out driving in my car. Instead we’re taking a Night Boat to Cairo plane to Tokyo to host a couple of workshops and then a short break. So I’ll shut up now and hope that you enjoy our nutty boys on our home page as much as we enjoyed making them.


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