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Contract Killer bundle now includes a GDPR policy and NDA template

When I first shared my Contract Killer in 2008, I had no idea it would become so popular and be used by so many people. Even after thirteen years, it’s still the most visited page on my website. Now, I’ve added a GDPR policy and NDA template to the bundle.

After thirteen years as free template, in May 2021 I started charging £9.99 for the contract as I thought this was a fair price to pay. Sales have been steady since then. Not enough for me to buy expensive watches, but enough to make a difference every month.

Last month, I experimented by bundling Contract Killer with my (Data) Protection Racket GDPR privacy policy template for £14.99 and offering that bundle as an option. So far, 75% of my sales have been for the bundle. I’m happy because more customers now get the privacy policy and I add 50% to the value of most of my sales.

The experiment was a success, so today I’m adding my Three Wise Monkeys NDA template to the bundle. I debated increasing the price to £19.99 but decided to keep it the same at £14.99. This is more attractive proposition which I hope will tempt more people. It’s also better value for customers as they save £20 over individual prices.

Contract Killer

When times get tough and people get nasty, you’ll need more than a killer smile. You’ll need a killer contract.

(Data) Protection Racket GDPR privacy policy template

Be GPDR compliant without bamboozling customers with your privacy policy using this popular, plain language template.

Three Wise Monkeys NDA template

Protect your confidential information without bamboozling customers or suppliers with your non-disclosure agreement using this popular, plain language template.


Contract Killer templates

Includes HTML, Markdown, and PDF formats.

Buy Contract Killer £9.99


Contract Killer + GDPR policy + NDA

Buy Contract Killer, GDPR privacy policy, and the NDA for only £14.99 and save £20.

Buy bundle and save £20

“As a freelance designer, Contract killer helped me understand what a contract could be. My relationships with clients have been so much healthier since I implemented my version of the Contract Killer.”

— Neil Hainsworth, UK

Written by Andy Clarke who tagged this with contract

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