You might think — because all the talk at the moment is about seven inch tablets, in particular the iPad mini vs Google’s Nexus 7 vs Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD — that a seven inch tablet was a seven inch tablet was a… Right? Wrong.

Here’s a landscape format screenshot of this site on the Kindle Fire HD.

Kindle Fire HD landscape. Viewport: 801x470px

Compare that with a landscape format screenshot on the Nexus 7.

Nexus 7 landscape. Viewport: 966x444px

What about in portrait format? The Nexus 7 does what I expected.

Nexus 7 portrait. Viewport: 603x797px

I got my hands on a Kindle Fire HD for the first time today, and I’ll admit to being very surprised when I loaded this site into Amazon’s browser.

Kindle Fire HD portrait. Viewport: 533x731px

The difference in viewport sizes is enough that in portrait one seven inch tablet shows the older mod and navigation I usually expect tablet users to see, while another the kid mod I usually describe as ‘mobile.’

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