The Guardian’s take on Mobile-first Responsive Web Design and IE8

The Guardian’s Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent recently wrote about their struggles and strategy for dealing with Internet Explorer 8. People visiting my site using Internet Explorer 8 are few and far between these days, but those that do could be good customers, so with our redesign I wanted to make a real effort to give them a good experience.

Looking at their list of IE8 sad trombone properties:

Very few of the properties that Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent mentioned are ever a problem to me, but in our redesign, Internet Explorer 8’s lack of support for CSS columns was certainly our biggest issue and one that’s not gone away with recent updates to Internet Explorer either. I’m confused as to why, with all the great work that Microsoft have done with their browser over recent years, that CSS columns have been overlooked. They’re such a useful property when controlled well and are now extremely stable in every other contemporary browser I care about.

Our redesign really helped me to focus on how best to deal with Internet Explorer 8 and I’ll be rolling that experience back into our Rock Hammer toolkit when we release version two in the new year.


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