Three Saturday CSS3 For Responsive Design links

My Responsive Web Design workshop at Smashing Magazine is getting closer and some tickets are still available. In the meantime, here are three useful new resources for responsive layout using CSS3:

CSS Grid Layout — what has changed?

Rachel Andrew covered the CSS Grid Layout module in her little CSS3 Layout Modules book (it’s well worth your time and money.) Since there’s been a new working draft published, Rachel has updated her articles. (This is yet another reason I need to get Windows 8 installed somewhere.)

Flexy Boxes

A nifty “flexbox playground and code generator” by Bristol’s Pete Boere.

Advanced cross-browser flexbox

Chris Mills has recently been doing an incredible job of explaining Flexbox and his article has simple explanations of Flexbox concepts along with practical examples and up-to-date, cross-browser code.


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