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Video of my ‘Counting stars: Creativity over predictability’ talk from Beyond Tellerrand in Berlin

Marc Thiele’s started posting videos from his excellent Beyond Tellerrand event in Berlin last month.

There’s more to come, but already I can recommend you watch Zoe Gillenwater’s CSS Lessons Learned the Hard Way.

Marc posted video of my talk today too, Counting stars: Creativity over predictability. I’m pleased with how it went and peoples’ reaction to it since. My plea for us to focus as much on creativity as we do on implementation, amplify conversations about ideas as much as we do those on process and remember the importance of art direction, seems to have struck a chord.

I got some constructive feedback about the talk in Berlin which I used to improve it for when I gave it at UX Brighton the week after. That conference was recorded too and I’ll link to that video when its released.

Again, I received some very useful feedback from the audience of user-experience professionals which I’ll use to improve the talk again when I give it throughout 2015, starting with Reasons To in London on February 20th and Smashing Conference in Santa Monica on April 29th.

Before then, enjoy my Counting stars: Creativity over predictability talk from Beyond Tellerrand in Berlin 2014 and I’d love to hear your feedback on Twitter.

Written by Andy Clarke who tagged this with talks, conference, advertising

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