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Work I’d like to do in 2022

I’m starting my fourth full year working mainly with Nozomi Networks. I love the people there, the work we’re doing is fascinating, and I enjoy the ability to develop designs over a longer period of time. But, I will have some time available for other projects and I want to use that time to make a difference.

With my work with Nozomi Networks planned and taking into account time with my family, I have just eight weeks available to work on other projects in 2022.

I’d like to use that time and my experience in design to help organisations make a positive impact on climate, conservation, and poverty. They might be charities, NGOs, or not-for-profits, anywhere in the world. (I’m also interested in helping groups like Yes Cymru campaign for Wales’ independence from the United Kingdom and others for us rejoining the European Union.)

If you work for an organisation which focusses on climate, conservation, poverty, or those political campaigns and you’re interested in talking about how I might help you improve donations, increase membership, or raise awareness, please get in touch. I’ll be offering pro-bono work and discounted rates for these projects.

You can read about some of my previous work, helping Greenpeace in Poland to optimise their donation process and improving the experience of using WWF’s fundraising pages.

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