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Our design for the large screen layout of the ISO homepage.

The International Organisation For Standards (ISO) needed a website redesign with an emphasis on usability and responsiveness, so they asked to see us.

Only rarely have we come across a large organisation as willing to experiment with new ideas as ISO. You might think that an organisation of that size—and with a global reach—would be hard to steer in a new direction. What we, and our friend and development partner David Roessli, found were people who couldn’t have been more committed to making their site work better for their users.

A consistent grid across the ISO site helps to organise their content.

Our process began by creating seven personas to guide our design decisions. What pleased us most was how everyone at ISO involved in the project—from the developers, managers, right up to Secretary-General, Rob Steele—became user advocates.

We created a flexible, responsive grid framework based around the proportions of the ISO logo, then designed the site over four, intensive, week-long sprints, each devoted to a different area of the site. Our templates were integrated into ISO’s CMS on a weekly basis, so that we could iterate the designs using real ISO content.

Throughout our project we worked alongside ISO’s teams of content producers, developers and managers at the organisation’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. We dedicated a room as our design studio and an open door policy encouraged everyone in the organisation to participate in the design process and to offer their feedback and advice. This accelerated, agile process enabled us to complete this complex redesign in only four weeks.

Unlike a conventional approach to designing large sites which focusses on pages, we design the ‘atmosphere‘ of site—colour, typography and texture—followed by individual modules of content. We build these on a flexible, responsive grid to create possibly thousands of pages.


Design the site’s ‘atmosphere’ and responsive page layouts. Then develop responsive page templates plus a stylesheet toolkit for their developers to use while building the website.

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