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Emma Bodger is a film/television director and producer whose work includes many popular UK soap operas. We spent time working on her visual identity and a new website. It was a lot of fun.

Emma wanted a design which reflects the work she hopes to do and appeals to agents, producers, and production companies. She wanted clear messaging and a distinctive design, giving us complete creative freedom. We worked through dozens of ideas for its direction. One idea—which involved adding pseudo-3D effects using offset red and cyan colours—stuck.

Emma”s filmography includes directing and producing work across various genres and media. Making images from such a variety of sources feel consistent was a challenge, and we considered several approaches to harmonising them and adding a pseudo-3D effect. While Emma and I were talking one day, she made a comment “I’m not comparing myself to Hitchcock…” That gave us an idea for a Hitchcock-inspired easter egg design which we hid in her website.

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Emma Bodger page design

We developed Emma’s website using the most modern CSS and markup. To allow Emma to make edits to her content, we developed the website using the Eleventy CMS, hosted it on Netlify, and added version control from Github.

Emma Bodger page design
Emma Bodger page design

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