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Razvan Beretchi was underwhelmed when he looked around at other dental surgery’s websites. They were mostly generic and template-based and he knew he didn’t want anything like that for his practice.

Abergele Dental is a family-first dental practice, and Razvan wanted his new design to reflect his personal approach to patient care. We started by interviewing Razvan about his work and then wrote new copy to describe it in a friendly tone of voice. We illustrated this copy using hand-drawn illustrations and blended them with pictures of Razvan and his family.

Complex SVG illustrations can add to a website’s performance budget and slow down page load times. Performance is critical to SEO success and user experience, so we heavily optimised these graphics. During the design process, we created several complimentary colour palettes and offer all of them to his visitors via a simple style switcher.

The result is a distinctive and stylish website design which reflects Razvan’s personal approach to his work.

Abergele Dental page design
Abergele Dental page design
Abergele Dental page design

We developed the website using the most modern CSS and markup. To allow Razvan and his team to make edits to their content, we developed the website using the Eleventy CMS, hosted it on Netlify, and added version control from Github.

Abergele Dental page design
Abergele Dental page design

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