Buskers BernBuskers Bern

To relaunch the Buskers Bern festival in 2022, we designed a confident new creative direction. Inspired by iconic jazz album covers from the sixties and seventies, our page designs are full of energy and movement—just like the festival itself.

In a project that lasted a little over one month, we delivered several rounds of concepts before deciding on a final creative direction. These concepts included a palette of colours to choose from for future festivals.

For flexibility and variety in our typography design, we chose a variable font with condensed and extended styles and several weights. These are presented on a flexible compound grid which adds energy and movement to every page.

Interactive prototypes are the best way to appreciate designs as distinctive as Buskers Bern. We developed prototypes of all signature pages.

Our design system now helps their engineers develop this and future websites. It demonstrates examples of how to use the palette of colours and typographic hierarchy. It explains how to create responsive layouts using the compound grid and includes styles for every element used throughout the website.

Buskers Bern page design
Buskers Bern page design
Buskers Bern page design

The COVID pandemic of 2020 meant the Buskers Bern music festival was cancelled. Thankfully, this popular event will return in 2022 with the confident new creative direction I designed to encourage more visitors than ever to attend.

Buskers Bern page design
Buskers Bern page design

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