Helping Ansarada express their brand across product and marketing channels

Ansarada is an Australian tech company based in Sydney. They’re a market-leader in SaaS for businesses in the financial sector. For over a year, I worked with them to develop their new brand and visual identity across products, marketing, sales teams, and website.

Above – The company’s Material Information Platform helps business always be ready for important events. But what does “readiness” mean? I developed a creative strategy and cross-media designs which makes it easy to understand their “promise of readiness.”

Bringing editorial to a product company

Building a SaaS platform and developing products which keep people engaged means more than simply making software usable. Ansarada was keen to explore how a content-based, editorial approach to telling stories about how people benefit from their products would improve engagement.

With echoes of quality print publications, updated for the modern world, my work for Ansarada makes them stand far apart from other tech companies.

Above – Tablet and mobile website: The principles that have guided art direction and design over the centuries still matter on the web. I worked with Ansarada to create a visual language that’s now consistent throughout digital products and print marketing.

Brand work

After a decade of success in Australia, Ansarada was ready to expand internationally and with a new platform and products. To reflect the aspirations of a global tech company, I worked with San Francisco-based brand agency Godfrey Dadich to create a new visual identity for Ansarada.

A successful global brand needs to provide a consistent experience across everything customers see and touch. A new logo is just the start, so I worked across leadership, marketing, and product teams to develop a style guide which helps designers to work consistently across everything the company designs.

Above – Ansarada style guide: One of our first challenges was to find two typefaces and colour palette which fulfil their new design principles. We chose Aktiv Grotesk and Lexia by type foundry Dalton Maag.

This new style guide explains in detail how the Ansarada visual identity should be used throughout their products, marketing, and sales materials.

Above – Ansarada style guide: Designed to inspire as well as inform designers who work in marketing and product design.

Design principles

For brand and company values to properly influence designs, they need to be backed by a clear set of design principles. We held a series of workshops involving both marketing and product teams to arrive at principles everyone agreed on.

Above – Design principles: Our first workshop included card sorting exercises and shared mood-boards to produce a shortlist of adjectives.

A series of workshops lead to these four principles:

Above – Design principles:  In our second workshop, marketing and product designers used found artwork to express our design principles visually.

A more compelling and effective website

Transforming the company meant also changing the look, feel, and functionality of the Ansarada website. I designed a set of responsive layout components which can be used across any number of pages. These components were based on the same 6/4 compound grid as all the company’s new print materials and publications.

Above –  New sections of the website highlighting customer stories and how people benefit from Ansarada software.
Above –  The Ansarada website saw a year-on-year increase in conversions between March 2017 and May 2018 of 320%. Prospects also rose from 44,000–385,000 over the same period.

It’s important that companies of any size are ready, in shape, for events which happen, be they an audit, merger, or raising money. Readiness is important, but what does it mean in reality?

To answer that question, I developed an editorial strategy for telling compelling stories about the problems businesses face, and how the Ansarada platform helps to solve them. I designed new print publications, sales materials, and a website, all visually connected to the company’s new visual identity.

Above – Sales collateral: A series of case studies and user stories, all connected under a common “Readiness Is” masthead.
Above – A new graphic illustration which describes visually customers’ journey through the Ansarada platform.

Indicators (print)

Ansarada anonymously collects information about thousands of business deals running on its platform and these contain many of interesting stories. To turn their data into compelling content, I developed an editorial strategy for Indicators—a quarterly digital and print publication which showcases their data and the stories it tells.

Above –  Indicators front cover and first feature story. (Can you spot the outline of the Ansarada logo mark on the front cover?)
Above – Two spreads from the April 2018 issue of Indicators.

Indicators includes market activity from Australia across the world, plus an in-depth feature on one aspect of business.

Above – Early scamps for the Indicators print edition.

Cutting room floor

In every project, there are designs that never make it beyond the concept stage, and Ansarada was no exception. Here are just a few of my working draft designs:

Above –  Exploring how common threads between different styles of illustration can reflect the Ansarada brand.
Above –  Experiments using illustrations to make email newsletters and social media posts more engaging.
Above –  Part of a series of graphic illustrations for sales collateral in Australia, Europe, and the USA.

Senior leadership, marketing, and product teams

Ensuring that people have a consistent experience throughout a customer journey and its many touch-points. I guided designers from both marketing and product teams towards a common set of design principles so all disciplines can work together effectively.

Design matters at all levels of a business and throughout this 15-month project, I worked alongside the company’s senior leadership team including their CEO, CPO, and CMO. I was heavily involved in turning Ansarada from an single-product company into a global SaaS business.


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