Relaunching Equfund and their Sanctuary Bond which helps solve the homelessness crisis

The UK is facing a homelessness crisis (amongst other crises) and—as a Community Benefit Society—Equfund uses investment to provide affordable and emergency housing. I worked with them for six weeks refreshing their visual identity, redesigning their website, and developing a consistent brand experience for customers across different channels and touch-points

Above—To visualise the role Equfund plays in housing people stay in their communities, we commissioned a series of illustrations from artist Vic Bell.

To visualise the impact Equfund has on people and communities, I asked illustrator Vic Bell—the talented artist who made our very own Errol the gorilla—to create a series of playful illustrations. These match perfectly their new colour palette, including the distinctive gold accent.

Above—For anyone who’s familiar with Liverpool Football Club, these delightful illustrations include an homage to some of their famous players and managers.

Refreshing the Equfund visual identity

My design for Equfund includes a refreshed colour and typography palette. Whereas their previous design used Times New Roman and colours which were more green than gold. I replaced these with a more elegant serif typeface and a brighter gold.

A brighter colour palette

Top—I evaluated several colours from across the spectrum of golds available. Middle—Their previous brand colour was more green than gold. Bottom—The final palette includes Rich Gold with Cream Gold and Honey Gold accents, plus a suite of neutral tones.

With so many variations in colour, it took time to agree which gold is right for the new brand. Equfund and I evaluated several colour options before selecting Pantone Rich Gold for their refreshed brand colour. To bring the design alive, I added extra gold accent colours which Vic used in her illustrations.

  1. Brand colour: Pantone Rich Gold
  2. Accent colours: Pantone Cream Gold (25%) and Honey Gold (10%)

Selecting a new typeface

Equfund wanted to refresh their typography, rather than replace it, so I swapped their tired Times New Roman with a fresh Hoeffler Text from the Hoeffler & Co.. I chose regular styles for headlines and running text and the engraved style of Hoeffler Text perfectly suits the wordmark and drop caps in print.

Clockwise from top-left—1) Equfund’s original logo. 2) Experiments with lower and uppercase wordmarks. 3) Combining the refreshed colour palette with Hoeffler Text. 4) Demonstrating the difference between Hoeffler Text and Times New Roman. 5) Two different engraved styles of Hoeffler Text. 6) The refreshed Equfund wordmark.

Illustrating communities

Vic Bell’s playful illustrations suggest the communities which Equfund are helping to preserve. They’re also the perfect compliment to Equfund’s new typography. I used the full illustrations for impact on key pages and smaller versions to bring content and navigation to life.

Top—There’s few things more creatively satisfying than watching an illustrator bring your ideas to life. Bottom— Information panels using characters from Vic Bell’s illustrations.

Equfund in print

I enjoy designing for print as much as, sometimes more than, working on the web. This project included designing business cards and letterheads, plus new offer documents for Equfund’s Sanctuary Bond Loanstock.

Above—The Sanctuary Bond offer documents introduce potential patrons to investing in the fund and include stories about the people Equfund helps find affordable homes and emergency accommodation.
Above—The new visual identity I designed for Equfund extends across their printed materials, stationery, and website.

A consistent brand experience from beginning to end

A few years ago, I began to specialise in helping businesses, charities, and NGOs to develop consistent brand experiences for customers across different channels and touch-points. Working with Equfund was incredibly gratifying and I’m looking forward to next year and developing their brand assets and website further.

Above—The new Equfund website; part of a consistent brand experience across different channels and touch-points.

Go to the Equfund website.

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