Helping Greenpeace improve donation revenue in Poland

Greenpeace is focussed on environmental protection issues in Poland. I worked with them to redesign someone’s journey from their important campaign pages to donating to the organisation.

L – New fundraising page highlighting the most important current campaigns. R – Air pollution is one of Poland’s biggest environment issues and the new campaign pages are designed to reflect that.

Having seen my work for WWF UK, Greenpeace Poland asked me to create a set of new campaign page designs that are more compelling within the brand guidelines set by Greenpeace worldwide.

I optimised their donation process to maximise conversion opportunities and created a style guide and templates that have enabled the team in Poland to create pages for future campaigns more easily.

Above – I designed a clear and consistent user journey from campaign pages through to making a donation (left) and receiving a confirmation of your support (right).
Above – For this project I created a living style guide containing information about colour, typography, and other visual elements. It will enable Greenpeace to design and develop pages more easily in the future.

Brief and outcomes

Brief Work with the team in Poland to create designs that improve donation revenue from their website and better support the activities of their street fundraisers.
Develop a series of flexible templates to enable Greenpeace Poland to more create pages for future campaigns more easily.
Deliver new styles for graphic illustrations, typography, and interactive elements that are distinctive yet within the brand guidelines set by Greenpeace worldwide.
Process Understand the issues that Greenpeace Poland face and suggest ways their website can better support street fundraisers.
Establish what’s possible within the brand guidelines set by Greenpeace worldwide, followed by initial concept designs for campaign pages.
Several rounds of design iterations to make their campaign pages more compelling and the donation process simpler.
Deliverables Responsive HTML including several different layouts for campaign pages plus fundraising pages.
Tutorials on how to use layout modules to create pages for future campaigns.
Living style guide detailing colour, image, interactive, and typography styles.
Results A more integrated approach to fundraising online and on the street.
Design system to enable Greenpeace Poland to develop website pages for future campaign in-house.
Less reliance on external agencies.


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