Compass Financial page design

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To help them as their business grows, we designed a confident new creative direction for Compass Financial. To emphasise how they treat each customer as an individual, we worked on the concept that no two clients, families, goals, and dreams are the same.

We chose a confident palette of base and accent colours. The deep purple and warm gold suggest professionalism, while the vivid blue, green, and pink are friendly. This friendliness is continued by the hand-written style of the accent script typeface. Layouts appear simple, but the pages are filled with details.

Alongside hand-written HTML and CSS, SVG graphics help the new website to be lightning fast. We worked alongside one of our trusted developers who implemented the Eleventy CMS. This system is quick, doesn’t rely on a database, and allows Compass Financial to update their website whenever they need.

The end result of this month-long project was a design which is a world away from generic templates. It reflects the company’s aspirations and their unique way of doing business.

Compass Financial page design

Their business is growing fast, but their previous website design still reflected their rural roots. We designed a confident new visual identity and page designs. Then, we worked with a developer to make them into a fast and flexible new website using the Eleventy CMS.

Compass Financial page design
Compass Financial page design

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