NWPS Construction page design

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Construction company NWPS wanted to expand their customer base of housing associations and local authorities. So, we designed the concept of “Building Confidence” and a website to sell their services to potential clients.

Building confidence, building partnerships, and building relationships are as important to gaining new customers as price and the service NWPS provide. Rather than lead with their professional services, the new NWPS website focuses on their approach to doing business.

We designed a distinctive colour palette of dark brown, white, plus their signature orange. We paired this with a strong slab serif typeface displayed on a compound grid for illustrations and running text, and a modular grid for case study pictures.

Avoiding cliches when choosing images for companies that provide professional services can be tricky. So, we decided on illustrations in an abstract style with flowing lines. We used these pictures to illustrate their services, reserving photographs to show the results of their work. We used their signature orange colour to integrate these illustrations into the overall design.

The result is a website design which speaks confidently to NWPS Construction’s target audience.

NWPS Construction page design

We developed the NWPS Construction website using the most modern CSS and markup. To allow the team to make edits to their content, we developed the website using the Eleventy CMS, hosted it on Netlify, and added version control from Github.

NWPS Construction page design
NWPS Construction page design

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