Successful websites for charities and NGOs

I design for people who want their website to look distinctive and original so it tells their story and no one else’s. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, if you’re passionate about your business and want to get the most from your website, I’d love to get to know you.

Greenpeace: I optimised their donation process to maximise conversion opportunities by redesigning someone’s journey from their essential campaign pages to donating to the organisation.
Environment Bank
Environment Bank work with landowners, developers, planners, and conservationists to better account for environmental impacts, and encourage environmentally sustainable development.
Rudi M van Dijk Foundatio
Rudi M van Dijk Foundation: I helps musicians in war-torn countries. I support their work with a visual identity design and website.
WWF: I worked with the charity’s UK team to increase their online adoptions, donations, and membership by designing innovative ways to bundle adoptions and membership.
Talk to me about website design for charities

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World-class website designs

Responsive designs for desktop, tablet, and mobile are essential, so I make designs which look beautiful and work wonderfully so your business, products and services, will stand out on every type of device.

I work directly with clients which allows me to oversee every detail of every project with a critical and creative eye.

Many SME businesses have no one dedicated to marketing full-time, so I write thoughtful content which speaks in your voice and talks to your audience. Every line of my code is hand-written to be accessible, fast, and responsive. I’ll suggest software and services which are affordable, easy to use, and upgradable, but I’ll never push you towards using any particular software solution.

Original design every time

Your website design will be unique as I never use off-the-shelf templates.

Performance matters

Beautiful, easy to use websites which are fast—on mobile as well as desktop.

An eye for content

Thoughtful copy writing and advice on illustration, photography, and video.

Open design process

Keeps your informed and involved every single day. You’re always welcome at my studio.

Peace of mind

Fixed-price contracts carried out on-time and on-budget.

Affordable, but not cheap

Value for money, but not a run-of-the-mill designs.

Talk to me about website design for charities

Call +44 (0)1745 851848 or email .


I’m available for hire to consult on and design products and websites. Based in North Wales, I travel regularly to work with clients world-wide.

Available from January 2020


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