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Buy the popular Contract Killer template

Clarify what’s expected on both sides to help build great relationships between you and your clients. Contract Killer is plain and simple and there’s no legal jargon. It’s customisable to suit your business and has been used on countless web projects since 2008.

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Layout Love. How and why I built it

I wanted a simple set of layout modules I could call on for design projects, so I developed my own. I call them Layout Love and rather than keep them to myself, I”m offering them to everyone to use which I hope will encourage people to make layouts which are more interesting.

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Announcing Transcending CSS Revisited

I wrote my first book, Transcending CSS: The Fine Art of Web design, way back in 2006. It became a success and since then I’ve had countless people tell me it was influential in their careers. Transcending CSS Revisited is available to read online for free, with a new foreword by Rachel Andrew.

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52 weeks of Inspired Design Decisions

A weekly series of 52 website designs, influenced by inspiring art directors and graphic designers. Learn about the background to each design, the techniques and technologies used to implement it, and how it might inspire more compelling, creative design for the web.

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The story behind Art Direction for the Web

It took much, much longer to produce, and is itself much, much longer than I’d planned, but my fourth book, Art Direction for the Web was published by my friends at Smashing Magazine. Here’s the story behind how it happened.

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(Data) Protection Racket

Updated: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) templates can cost hundreds of Pounds, so I thought I’d turn my hand to writing a GDPR data protection and privacy policy in the spirit of my Contract Killer. This GDPR template is available to buy.

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Luke W: Mind Blowing iPad Stats

In 2012, the iPad accounted for 94.64% of all tablet based traffic according to Chitika's network study.

That’s the one that got me.

Nick Bradbury: Old Farts Know How to Code

The startup culture is similar to professional sports in that it requires a fleet of fresh-out-of-college kids to trade their lives and their health for the potential of short-term glory. “Old farts” are often excluded from that culture, not because we’re lousy coders but because we won’t put up with that shit.

Chris Coyier: Sass vs. LESS

Chris makes some great comparisons. I’ve used LESS extensively for a while now and there’s been exactly zero instances where I needed something that LESS couldn’t do (but Sass could.) Maybe that’s because I’m a designer who writes code, not a developer? Who knows? Still, I am tempted to work with Sass on a project sometime.

Jordan Moore: Building with Content Choreography

Jordan Moore (who has a name like a country singer:)

Say for example we want to present an article in the narrow single column view, but before the article appears in the stacking order we have: a header (containing site name etc), navigation, maybe even a banner advertisement, then the article. The heart of the page is buried beneath items that may be less important in this context. Rather than brutally hiding these items with a display:none property we can reorder them using another CSS property - flex box.

It takes something to make me sign in and blog on a Sunday, but this is good. Very good. Read the whole thing. Then study Jordan’s demo page. Brilliant.

Map of the Dead

Honestly, I’ve been wanting to start hoarding candles, fire-lighters, tins of corned beef (it’s nice. Really.) and other things for a while. I know the collapse of civilisation is much more likely to come from a petrol strike these days, but hey. It’s a zombie survival map. My wife thinks I’m mad.

Chris Coyier’s Flat Icons & Icon Fonts

This came at the perfect time for me this week (thanks Chris), as one of the projects I’m working on required icon fonts. I chose Font Awesome because it works so well with Twitter’s Bootstrap and even comes with files for my beloved LESS.

Matt Stow’s Responsive Prototype Fireworks extension

More from Matt Stow. This one had gone clean out of my head. When I was in Sydney in February, Matt showed me a Fireworks extension he’d written for exporting responsive prototypes.

Now I use Fireworks almost every day — it’s my ‘go to’ design tool and so much more efficient than Photoshop for web designing — but I’ve never used it’s code output, not even for a ‘rough as a badger’s arse’ prototype, let alone anything I’d show to anyone. But Matt’s extension worked flawlessly when he showed it to me.

I’m going to try this and if Fireworks is your thing, test this out too and let’s compare notes.

James Weiner: Throw away Photoshop and be true to your medium

James Weiner, who works on the front end team for GOV.UK :

Furthermore, designing in-browser exposes mistaken assumptions at the earliest possible stage in a build. This means we fail quickly rather than expending effort on high fidelity mock-ups that were based on mistaken assumptions.

How happy am I to read this? Really happy.

Process is for fast food restaurants

Cennydd Bowles:

Following a recipe won’t make you a great chef – it just means you can make a competent bolognese. Great chefs don’t need cookery books. They know their medium and their ingredients so well that they can find excellent combinations as they go.

I love this. And I would go further. If your design process is more process than design, take a step back and rethink it. You don’t need what people’s say or do to tell you how to make a great design. Listen to your gut.

Off Canvas

Inspired by the observations of Luke Wroblewski, this Off Canvas layout demo has 3 panels that display differently depending on the viewport width.

Really nice work by Jason Weaver.

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