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Stu (Robson) goes Sass

Stu’s compiled a great list of resources for LESS users (like me) who need to use, or want to switch (Blah. Blah. LESS. Sass. Sass. LESS. Blah. Blah.) to using Sass.

Personally, I love LESS. But the real kicker is that I’m trialling a soon-to-be-released compiler that compiles Sass but not LESS, and it doesn’t play nicely with Codekit. That alone could persuade me to make the move to Sass. (For God’s sake don’t tell Jina Bolton that.)


“A reuseable collection of carefully-considered Less mixins” from our friends at ClearLeft.

Saturday review: CodeKit

I’ve become a bit of a LESS junkie these last few months, so I was chuffed when I heard about CodeKit — a new, (free while in beta) toolkit — by developer Bryan Jones. I’ve been trying CodeKit out this week.


About two years ago, I tweeted “If your CSS is complicated enough to need a compiler or pre-processor, you’re fucking doing it wrong!” I meant it too. After-all, CSS isn’t hard to learn and it’s easy to write and write quickly. So why would you need a processor like LESS or Sass?


One of the biggest reasons I chose LESS over other CSS pre-processors, was It processes LESS syntax into CSS on my Mac, every time I save a file. No Javascript and most importantly no complicated Terminal, Ruby malarkey. Simpless is a compiler that works on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. I’m testing it now.

I’ll be writing a proper entry about how and why I use LESS soon.

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