And all that Malarkey

For over ten years our blog’s been a popular destination for thousands of website designers and developers from all around the world.

Dear Taylor Swift

(On 24th December 2009, the site that this letter refers to was replaced.)

An ecommerce strategic partnership

Finally designers and developers have what they want: a standards-based, highly accessible and professional ecommerce solution that has fewer limitations than anything we have seen so far.

Accessibility, the gloves come off

People still delivering nested table layout, spacer gifs or ignoring accessibility can no longer call themselves web professionals.

Not making friends or influencing people

In the spirit of cooperation I publically invite SiteMorse to get in touch and to work with the ATF with the aim of providing developers and their clients more accessible solutions.

Accessibility and a society of control

I’ll try to explain my personal opinion as to why I believe that there should not be laws governing web accessibility and that such laws hinder the cause of wider web accessibility rather than help it.

On a shoe-string

Here are a few tools which form part of the base-level accessibility testing routine at Stuff and Nonsense.

Panning for gold

I’ve been meaning to write about my current thoughts on accessibility for a while now and an email I received on the subject spurred me on.

Accessibility footnotes

Descriptive ‘alternative’ content to images is vital for accessibility. I have developed my ideas on ‘accessibility footnotes’.

Accessible alternatives

I’ve become interested in the subject of accessible, ‘alternative’ content for complex graphics and images. Looking at browser support and usability issues in the W3C’s recommendations, I have come up with two solutions of my own.

Wearing badges is not enough

A discussion at Accessify got me thinking about the usefulness of compliance badges or icons. What purpose do they serve the public who have little knowledge or interest in accessibility or code validity? And how can we better use these badges to help promote awareness of standards and accessibility?

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