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Every generation remembers their favourite advertising. For us, it’s DDB’s chimpanzee campaign for PG Tips tea—“it’s the tea you can really taste.”

The chimpanzee campaign parodied popular culture, politics, sports and television for three decades. In 1971 “Avez vous un cuppa?’ and “Cooey, Mister Shifter” became catchphrases that were as memorable as the campaign’s taglines. Off the back of its advertising, PG Tips went to number one and they maintained the top spot for the next thirty-two years. We love creative advertising because its ideas can make campaigns that are memorable across decades. Advertising inspires us to design websites and other digital applications that we hope people will love as much as we do those classic commercials.

This PG Tips campaign was more than clever copywriting and well-trained chimpanzees and it succeeded because the combination of advertising and entertainment made the pleasure of watching the commercials synonymous with drinking PG Tips tea. Our latest banner is an homage to the classic advertising campaigns that have inspired us since we were children.

Where do chimpanzees fit into the process?

Making designs responsive and ensuring that we give customers good experiences is essential to web design today. But that’s not enough for us. There’s no magic in simply making something easy to use. We believe in ideas that can inspire, encourage, engage, make people think and change their perceptions. That’s why we consider a website’s design as part of a company or organisation’s creative strategy. We help our clients by coming up with ideas that communicate what’s special about a product or a service. Then we implement them in a website design that looks beautiful and works wonderfully across all screen sizes and types.

“Advertising is based on one thing: happiness. And do you know what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new car. It’s freedom from fear. It’s a billboard on the side of the road that screams reassurance that whatever you are doing is okay. You are okay.”

Mad Men’s Don Draper

We’re inspired by advertising to design websites that are creative, effective, responsive and perform well on search engines. We also help our clients develop their visual identities and craft the content they deliver.

Get in touch if you have questions. We’re friendly and always open to discussing interesting ideas and new projects.

Banner illustrations by Josh Cleland
Initial sketches for the PG Tip inspired banner illustration by Josh Cleland.

Banner illustrations by Josh Cleland

We hired our good friend and regular illustrator Josh Cleland to create the artwork for this advertising inspired new banner. This is the fourth time that we’ve worked with Josh—who’s based in Portland, Oregon—on our banners but this time we asked him to make his illustrations with scalable vector graphics (SVG) in mind. SVG’s smaller file size and scalable format makes it perfect for keeping download times to a minimum.

Banner illustrations by Josh Cleland
Initial sketches for the PG Tips inspired banner illustration by Josh Cleland.

Technical implementation by Sara Soueidan

There was no one better to help us implement our banner than Sara Soueidan. Sara’s a front-end developer, speaker and writer from Lebanon and she’s one of the world’s foremost experts in SVG. Sara helped us not only optimise Josh’s SVG illustrations but adapt them across responsive breakpoints.

“I love SVG. It’s always fascinating. SVG’s many possibilities make it a very exciting tool to work with.”

Sara Soueidan

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