Brexitstan page design

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When we explore what new web technologies make possible, we like to create websites for fictitious campaigns, companies, or products. We used this design for a drive to rebrand Britain as Brexitstan to learn about generating images using AI tools.

We prompted Midjourney to make us “a five-colour vector illustration of Jacob Rees-Mogg, one fist raised, in a propaganda poster style,” and we were amazed by the result. Then, we vectorised the image and exported it as an SVG, optimising its paths and adding class attribute values to enable easier recolouring.

The Brexitstan project also allowed us to explore more cutting-edge CSS and markup, from custom elements and properties to container queries and transforms.

We designed three colour themes—obviously red, white, and blue—and restyled every detail to match, including the AI-generated graphics. We added a shop where people can buy Brexitstan branded t-shirts and pins and integrated it with Printful for on-demand printing and Square for credit card processing.

Of course, this campaign to rebrand Britain as Brexitstan isn’t serious, but the techniques and technologies which went into making the website are. Accessibility, performance, and responsiveness are critical to any website’s success. The more we practice using new techniques and technologies, the better we understand their benefits for our clients’ websites.

Brexitstan page design

We developed this fictitious Brexitstan campaign website using the most modern CSS and markup. The website is hosted it on Netlify, and version control is provided by Github.

Brexitstan page design
Brexitstan page design

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