Whether it be Micky the world’s cleverest chimpanzee, the PG Tips chimps, or my very own gorilla Errol, I just can’t stop thinking about apes.

Stuff & Nonsense ‘Errol the gorilla’ stickers and t-shirts available now

Everyone loved stickers, right? And t-shirts? Right again. And gorillas? Of course you do, especially Errol. Now you can stick Errol stickers on the things you stick stickers on and proudly wear Errol on your chest. (Chest beating optional.)


When illustrator Josh Cleland and I were designing our “It’s the taste” home page header, we were of course paying homage to the classic PG Tips TV commercials from the 1970s. In particular, the ad that’s been my favourite, Mr. Shifter. Yesterday, Choppers, the last surviving chimpanzee from that 1971 commercial died.

PG Tips: How The Chimps kept PG Tips brand leader through 35 Years of Intense competition (video)

I’m researching advertising successes for a new talk that I’m writing and of course that means PG Tips and their famous chimpanzees campaign that ran for 32 years from 1956 and within two years made PG the number one tea brand in Britain and kept them there for decades.

Meet Micky, the world’s cleverest chimpanzee (pic)

Remember “MICKY,” the world’s cleverest CHIMPANZEE?

Of course you do. Well now, thanks to renowned Liverpool historian Ken Pye, I’ve finally seen a photograph of Micky:

MICKY the world’s cleverest CHIMPANZEE

Before she died at the fantastic age of 98, my Nana gave me her boxes of family photographs. She knew I value family histories and would keep her things safe. I’m in the process of organising them and in one box I found a tourism brochure from Liverpool from around 1938/39. In it, an advertisement, for Liverpool Zoological Park caught my interest. In particular, “MICKY,” the world’s cleverest CHIMPANZEE.

More on the demise of Micky, the world’s cleverest chimpanzee

More about Micky the world’s cleverest chimpanzee. I’ve <mark>ed several parts: