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Rock Hammer

Rock Hammer is a curated project library for Hammer For Mac designed and developed by Stuff and Nonsense and friends. Rock Hammer contains baseline typography, styling for common HTML elements including images, forms and tables, as well as navigation, responsive modules and widgets. These are the foundation for every project we start. Rock Hammer can be used as a design/style template or pattern primer or as the foundation for developing a responsive website.

320 and Up

‘320 and Up’ is the original ‘tiny screen first’ responsive web design boilerplate. It includes only the files and styles I use when I start a project. It’s built with LESS and Sass and includes trusted mixins and variables. If you’re not ready for LESS or Sass, don’t worry, use the plain ol’ CSS version.

(Update March 2013: We no longer actively develop ‘320 and Up’ but don’t let that stop you from developing it on GitHub.)

Contract Killer

‘Contract Killer’ is the popular open-source contract for web designers and developers.

Maybe you’re a gun for hire, a one man army with your back to the wall and nothing standing between you and the line at a soup kitchen but your wits. Maybe you work for the agency, or like me you run one of your own. Either way, when times get tough and people get nasty, you’ll need more than a killer smile to save you. You’ll need a killer contract too.

Three Wise Monkeys NDA

‘Three Wise Monkeys’ is a plain speaking, easy to read, open source NDA for web designers and developers. Three Wise Monkeys keeps things simple that I hope everyone will feel comfortable signing an NDA.