Website design


Our design for the large screen layout of the Pairoo homepage.

Pairoo wanted an elegant look and an honest personality, one that conveys the friendliness of their dating service.

When we begin a new project we ask our clients to help us write a description of their brand’s personality. We encourage them to “Think of your brand as a person. That person can be real, alive today or a historical figure. You could also choose a fictional character from a book or a film.”

Found images of two personalities that Pairoo chose to represent their brand. (Source: Google. We don’t claim copyright on these images.)

Pairoo chose actors Ben Affleck and Anne Hathoway, who to them represented ‘cool,’ ‘contemporary,’ ‘elegant‘ and ‘stylish.’ These were attributes that Pairoo wanted for their brand.


We ask our clients about the parts of a personality which appeal to them and how those traits might relate to the values they want to convey. Then we decide on six traits that best describe their brand, balanced by traits they’d like to avoid. For example:

  • ‘Fun,’ but not ‘silly’
  • ‘Sensible,’ but not ‘boring’
  • ‘Serious,’ but not ‘stuffy’
  • ‘Professional,’ but not ‘corporate’
  • ‘Friendly,’ but not ‘over familiar’
  • ‘Contemporary,’ but not ‘trendy’

These discussions help us to understand how our clients imagine the look of their brand looks and how its tone of voice sounds when it talks to customers.


We spend time finding photographs that we feel represent the spirit of what our clients are hoping to achieve. From these images we create several palettes of colours and tones.

Pairoo’s choice of personality traits — ‘honest,’ ‘elegant,’ ‘fresh,’ ‘friendly,’ ‘thoughtful’ and ‘natural’ — inspired our choice of photographs and in turn the colour palettes we created.


Help to create a brand personality by designing colour palettes, typography and a logo type. Then create a stylesheet toolkit for their developers to use while building the website.

A soft colour palette inspired by one mood-board of images.
Our process from inspiration to the final choice of four colours.
Finding the right typeface is only part of conveying the personality of a brand.

We paired the Chalet Paris 1980 typeface from House Industries for the Pairoo logotype with Adobe’s ITC Avant Garde Gothic for copy on their website.

Our final design for the Pairoo logo


We spent one week working on the Pairoo branding design project.


See more of this work on our Pairoo project.

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