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Rock Hammer contains baseline typography, styling for common HTML elements including images, forms and tables, as well as navigation, responsive modules and widgets. It can be used as a design/style template or pattern primer or as the foundation for developing a responsive website.

Rock Hammer on Github or view the sample page

A practical, everyday toolkit

Hammer For Mac

Rock Hammer works with Hammer For Mac. If you develop in Windows or you don’t (yet) use Hammer, you can still use Rock Hammer’s compiled ‘Build’ folder.


For styling, Rock Hammer uses Sass. Hammer For Mac compiles Sass into CSS so you won’t need the Terminal. In most cases, you’ll need only to edit three .scss files to get started.


Rock Hammer includes Sass partials for the three components of ‘design atmosphere:’ colour, typography and texture, plus partials for HTML elements, Modernizr classes, @2x images, navigation patterns plus forms, tables, navigation and other interface elements derived from Bootstrap

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‘Rock Hammer’ wouldn’t be possible without: Aaron Allport, Bootstrap, Responsive Patterns. Licensed under the Apache License: v2.0..