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If your company needs somebody who can extract maximum value from digital design, I can give you the help you need.

Would you like to improve the potential of your digital products and websites? Do you need advice on how design can help your company? Digital design forces businesses to think critically about their products, ‘bundles,’ and value propositions, so it’s vital that design is represented at a senior level. That role’s called many things, but whether you call it a Chief Design Officer (CDO,) Creative Director, or Head of Design, you need an understanding of digital design.

If you’d prefer to not pay a full-time executive, consider outsourcing that position. You pay a monthly retainer that gives you access to digital business strategy and design expertise on demand. In that role I can:

Typical scenarios

And as a design leader I can:

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Why choose me

I’ve helped hundreds of businesses, charities, and organisations, to improve their digital products and websites, so I’m experienced working at a senior level. I’m a well-known expert in digital design and I’ve written three popular books, so if you mention me to most web professionals, it’s likely they’ll know me and my work.

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I will tailor this role to your needs and focus on solving your specific problems. I can work remotely and occasionally in person, depending on your requirements. If this sounds good, get in touch to discuss your challenges and budget, then I will tailor an approach that’s best for you.

Agency coaching

I have over 20 years experience running a digital agency and now coach others on pitching, dealing with clients, developing better business pipelines, and getting paid faster — Find out how.

Designer mentoring

Strategies for delivering critical projects, develop in-house design teams, and sell ideas to management and stakeholders, whenever you need them — Find out more.

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I’m available for hire to consult on and design products and websites. Based in North Wales, I travel regularly to work with clients world-wide.

Available from May 2019